The meaning of 'Sainte Terre'

"Do you know the origin of that word 'saunter’? It's a beautiful word. Way back in the Middle Ages people used to go on pilgrimages to the Holy Land, and when people in the villages through which they passed asked where they were going, they would reply, "A la sainte terre,' 'To the Holy Land.' And so they became known as sainte-terre-ers or saunterers. Now these mountains are our Holy Land, and we ought to saunter through them reverently, not 'hike' through them.”

-John Muir


It Began With A Dream . . . 

We opened Sainte Terre with a dream and an idea…to create a place made just for weddings. We wanted this to be a place where families could gather and couples could begin a new life free from the stress that comes with planning an event of this magnitude.  We hoped to embrace the romance and reverence of what was to take place on this property - creating an experience that could be enjoyed and relished by our couples and their guests.


While we cater to current tastes and the latest styles, we at Sainte Terre believe that there are some things that never go out of fashion.  Friends sharing warm conversation around a good meal, families celebrating the union of hearts—these are things that are timeless and that bring a pure joy that endures long after the flowers and decorations have faded.  We believe that creating and orchestrating life’s special moments is an art—an art that we at Sainte Terre have worked for generations to perfect.