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Cook the Book: David Chang's Momofuku

Sainte Terre is hosting a series of cooking classes taught by our very own Chef Holly.  The classes will be based off of cookbooks that Holly has personally worked on, or believes is significant to kitchen and culinary culture. 

Chef David Chang is a French Culinary Institute grad (like Holly!) and began his rise to fame with opening his first restaurant, Momofuku Noodle Bar in 2004.  Chang made waves in New York City at the time by taking what he and many considered 'street food' and elevating it to another level by raising the standard of ingredients and preparation. Many considered him to be 'breaking all the rules' of what was considered fine dining.

He soon opened Momofuku Ssam, Momofuku Ko (where he received his first Michelin stars!), Momofuki Milk Bar (where pastry chef Christina Tosi made a name for herself), Ma Peche, Fuku, and now additional outposts in Sydney and Toronto.

Dave's personality is opposite of what you would imagine of a Michelin-star chef - he is irreverent, laid back, and he likes to fight the system.  You would love to hang out and have a beer with him.  He cares about making food approachable, and that is why we are celebrating him!

In this class, we will be learning the art of making both steamed buns and ramen noodles from scratch, in addition to working with pork belly, developing a beautiful dashi and stocks for ramen, and more!

On the menu:

Steamed Buns with Braised Pork Belly

Momofuku Ramen

Bacon Dashi 

Banh Mi

Confit Fingerling Potatoes

This class is sold out!  Please visit us in the coming months for more fun culinary adventures! 



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