The Morning After: An Inspirational Brunch by Sainte Terre Event Designer Hillary Moss

Tastemakers and Artisans contributing to The Morning After:

Photography: Angela Groce,  Unveiled Radiance

Floral Design: Meghan Awalt

Pastry Design:  Heather Bailey,  Social Bites

Cinematography:  Cupio Media

Bride's Dress: Fabulous Frocks

Bridesmaid's Dresses: Bella Bridesmaid

MakeUp:  Kendall Morehart (Bride), Megan Waggoner (Bridesmaids)

Hair:  Kendall Morehart (Bride), Robyn Stewart (Bridesmaids)

HairPieces: Kendall Morehart

What goes into creating an inspirational shoot?  Watch our tastemakers in action as they create this dreamy post-wedding brunch!

Signage and Calligraphy: Taylor Toms

Rentals: Stache Vintage Rentals,  Vintage Rental Boutique